Another one joins..

Introducing bipingm - GUI design god, reluctant joke cracker, perennial fourth-place WTGW partner to me, compulsive treater, Manipal tourist guide and all-round nice guy rolled into one.

Oh, and did I mention his fascination for socks?


I finally finished working on hyperfeeder - a completely customizable RSS/RDF news feed aggregator with output in the HTML format. (APT sources for Debian available. Source code with install script for other distributions..)

The main reason I developed this was that I wanted to view images inline. While LJ's feed aggregator does this, it has a "score" tracker, which limits the number of feeds you can track.

Also, I periodically run it at my server (via crontab) and set the output file as a publicly accessible one. This way, I access the latest feeds wherever I am.

The present version (0.6.1) is production-quality and features a pretty efficient hand-written parser. More details here.

If you decide to use it, do send me feature requests and bug reports at <hyperfeeder at amitng dot net>.

For the impatient:
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Guess who finally made it to LJ?

Please welcome Jayadevan aka jugga. Watch out for interesting intellectual repartee between him and jd_knight .. (Yeah, right! ;) )

PS: If you don't know him, do NOT go by the info on this page! "Interests: fighting, fishing, hunting, studying (!!), running (!!!!!!!)"?? And "Bio: Wotever".. That, of course, is very relevant. ;)


Does anyone know of a SMTP server using which I can send mail from any specified mail ID?

Cos I have a redirection ID at pobox.com and wanna send mail using that ID in the From: field specifier. And the hotpop.com SMTP server doesn't support mail sent with other IDs in the From field.. :(


Apt-get is just the best.. Dunno how I managed with RPM all this time.

Yes, I am running RHL 7.3 AND apt-get on it.. Get it here.

You might get a circular dependency error between gated and zebra when installing packages. Do a rpm -e on gated.. Apt repository lists are at the same site.. And whoa! It's just breath-taking. :D
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Unrestricted: final..

Well, on manusb's undoubtedly wise advice, now onwards most of my posts will be friends-only.. If u ain't got a Livejournal still, what r u waiting for?? I've got a coupla codes for ppl who want them...

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Well, I'm finally on LJ... :D (Thanx mrinal for the code..) I must admit.. The thought of expecting someone else to follow up on ur life every (few?) day(s) didn't really appeal to me, but the fire has sure caught on.. :)

Hey all u Trekkies out there.... Check out this brilliant site: http://www.stinsv.com .. (Star Trek in Sound & Vision dot com) It's got tons of pictures and audio.. Now, if only I had broadband... :(
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