February 4th, 2004



I finally finished working on hyperfeeder - a completely customizable RSS/RDF news feed aggregator with output in the HTML format. (APT sources for Debian available. Source code with install script for other distributions..)

The main reason I developed this was that I wanted to view images inline. While LJ's feed aggregator does this, it has a "score" tracker, which limits the number of feeds you can track.

Also, I periodically run it at my server (via crontab) and set the output file as a publicly accessible one. This way, I access the latest feeds wherever I am.

The present version (0.6.1) is production-quality and features a pretty efficient hand-written parser. More details here.

If you decide to use it, do send me feature requests and bug reports at <hyperfeeder at amitng dot net>.

For the impatient:
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